Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wow! Have I been neglecting this blog! I just realized that it has been almost two months since I posted. So much has been going on in the last two months...

#1. I took my boards on 4/19. So glad that this chapter of my life is now over with! I've been on my own since the end of April, off orientation, and taking a full patient load, (6-8 patients).

#2. We took a trip to DC a few weeks back. Had a wonderful time visiting the zoo and touring DC. It was especially nice to have Kelly & Mike as our official tour guides and to also finally see where they live.

#3. Logan attended his first prom. Love him with all my heart, but my oh my does he test his mama. Two weeks of school left..senioritis.

#4. Madison had her birthday on Saturday, 5-16, turning 12. Our weekend was filled with dance recitals. Another excitement, after several softball games of her not hitting the ball, she slammed the ball twice last night! woohoo! She's our artsy dancer & singer and this is her first year she isn't quite as aggressive as the other girls.

#5. Searching for the perfect knitting projects....nothing to report at this time, except that I purchased some beautiful blue/gray silky fiber..intended for a whispie summer shaw.

#6. Perennial gardens look pretty good. My hubs is getting to be quite the gardener..and he's getting pretty good at not mistaking my plants for weeds.

#7. A new favorite way to make potatoes: boil red potatoes, unpeeled. Roast garlic (unpeeled) in aluminum foil until soft. Sautee fresh chives from the garden in butter. Add chives & roasted garlic paste to potatoes. Salt & pepper. YUM. My family loves these potatoes.

#8. Can't wait for our wine trip on 5/30, with friends! Pulling the boat to the marina in Watkins Glen, then a day of wining followed by sunset boating and dinner on the shore.

Love this pic of Emily in front of my forget-me-nots..she loves to come visit Aunt Karen.

Happy Memorial Weekend, my friends! Remeber to give thanks to the Veterans. I'm thinking of my friend, Susan. Her son, a Marine, was killed in Iraq, March, 2007.