Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanking God

I was in my car, reviewing my microbiology notes for a 6:00 exam this evening. At 5:35 my cell phone rang and it was Jay letting me know that Logan had been in an accident. He was rear-ended while sitting with his turn signal on, waiting for a tractor trailer to come by so that he could turn. He was pushed out in front of the tractor trailer, but the trailer managed to get between him and the vehicle that hit him. Thank God no one was hurt. I'm sure Logan will be very sore tomorrow. With hearing that news, I got an instant stress headache. I managed to complete exam #2 in 26 minutes and headed home. Thanking God for watching over my son tonight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weather, ya think?

Totally exhausted today! No energy whatsoever..I'm thinking that maybe it's the gloomy weather. Micro lab was short & sweet tonight - in at 6:00 and out by 6:45. Still can't believe that I am actually enjoying that class. Home by 8:00 to find Madison baking cookies for her teacher's birthday, tomorrow. The laptop was on the island, (yikes) and she was following a recipe from Food Network for vanilla sugar cookies, while singing to The Jonas Brothers. She did a great job..really good cookies. My friend & co-worker brought me some pure vanilla from Mexico..what a difference that makes when baking.
As long as we are talking baking, I want to share an old family recipe for Apple Joy Cake. I made two for last Sunday's adventure. Not sure where the recipe originated from, but I do remember my Mom, Nana & Aunt Sandy making this cake. My Uncle Scott commented that "Ma stopped putting the glaze on because it was too sweet for me". He always referred to my late Aunt Sandy as "Ma". I was happy to have made something that brought back memories from the past and especially of my Dear Aunt. I love her.

3 eggs, beaten
Add to that: 1 1/2 c oil
2 c sugarBold
1t vanilla Stir well.
Add: 3 c flour
1t b. soda
1t salt
Beat all. Fold in 3 c chopped apples
and 1 c walnuts. Bake 1.5 hours at 350 in angel food pan.
Frosting: 1 c brown sugar, 1/4 c milk, 1 /2 stick butter
boil two minutes & pour over cake
OCTOBER POLL RESULTS: 14 votes & wine tasting wins the most votes, followed by a tie for a long drive & tailgate party. One person liked cutting wood, another liked apple picking, and two wanted a hayride. Stay tuned for November's poll next week(gobble, gobble)
I am so glad to have Wednesday off. I plan to catch up on my readings for nursing lecture and study for Thursday's Micro exam. We postponed Logan's senior pictures until a week from Wednesday, as the weather is supposed to be yucky tomorrow (wouldn't be good for outdoor shots). Making broccoli cheddar soup in the crockpot. Wednesday is such a crazy busy night at the Abbott house, the crockpot comes in handy. Madison has dance from 6:30 - 8:15. Logan comes home after school, but then returns for a late night practice. I will leave by 4:00, to get up to the college for lecture and then a late night lab.

Here is some of my new "stash" including the dark brown "fisherman's wool" that I purchased today to make Jay these for his birthday, next week. I think these will be perfect for him since he often works in harsh weather, but can't wear the bulky gloves. These mitts might go over well for hunting season, also. Madison's new LL Bean coat should be delivered tomorrow. The orange, variegated alpaca is for her scarf & hat. Emily's scarf is off the needles.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Searchin' for clues around the family farm!

A beautiful, fall day. A hotdog roast in a field that overlooks the farm. Family, lots of family. Laughter. Great food. After everyone enjoyed lunch, we all piled on a hayride, mules, kaboda's & rangers. My Dad had planned a special surprise for all of us! He handed us a piece of paper with our first clue of where to go. Clue #1 stated "by 3 poles". Up the power line we went, finding clue #2 at the top, on a pole. Clue # 2 stated "head to the north forty (meaning 40 acre field on the Red Rock Rd...I didn't know this on my own...had help...I probably would have turned my body north and took 40 steps), find the haybale for further instructions". Not only was this a ton of fun, this farm girl learned some things that I never knew about our homestead. Also, it was neat to revisit places that we played as children, and to hear stories from others, on some of their favorite memories of the farm. A total set of 12 clues had us covering just about every inch of the farm. The last clue led us to CHOCOLATE & WINE! Chocolate for the kids, and wine for the adults! This will be my last free weekend for awhile, as clinicals start back up next weekend. I feel "rejuvinated" after this weekend...I think I'm ready to take on my last round of clinicals...bring em' on!

where, oh where could this be....

more clues.....

My Dad gave "hints" on all of the clues..believe me, I would still be
in the woods if iIwould have had to figure this out on my own!
This picture (above) is going to make me smile all week long!
My Aunt Maryann figures out where the next clue is!
Love this picture!

I was amazed at the thought that my Dad put into this fun event - it was definetly enjoyed by everyone! Thanks Dad!
Our last clue led us to a big basket of candy, and a couple nice bottles of wine.
Happy kids...Happy adults!
Great Job Dad!

One tired little Anna after a long day of looking for clues....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wine Trip

The rain didn't hold anyone back from enjoying the wineries today. Rasta Ranch was untouchable and poor little Tickle Hill was maxed out with eager wine tasters. Tons of limosines & buses. We ended up at five wineries for the day. Before getting started, Renee & I spent a little time at the Finger Lakes Fiber Shop while the guys visited the local pub. Came out well supplied with a cable needle & some hand painted wool, all set to try my hand at knitting socks, as well as some alpaca & wool for a scarf & hat to compliment Madison's new coat. I enjoyed shopping for yarn with Renee and dinner with friends, much more than the wineries. A little too crowded for me. The four of us have very different tastes for wine, I like the dry wines, ending with a semi-sweet, Jay likes beer, and the Grimes' list consist of semi-sweets, ending with what I consider syrup. We vowed to head back this winter when the fireplaces are lit and everything is blanketed in white.

I just realized that Jay and I have the house to ourselves this evening. Madison is at the Comfort Inn, spending the night at a birthday party and Logan just left to meet some friends. Now..this doesn't come around very often! wink, wink

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woooosh..flying through another week!

Holy smokes - October is almost over!! This freight train is gaining speeeeeeed! Remember my "special invite" from a previous post..well tonight was the night that we met with UHS. I was greatly impressed with their package..oooh boy was I impressed! Not interested in the commute, though. I'm sure that several of my nursing sista's will be heading their way. Got a gift card to the mall for stopping!

I missed dance observation night tonight. Mads was so excited to have her Grandma and Dad go, that I'm sure she didn't miss me too much. I stopped at Joannes Fabric, last night, and purchased aqua, "sparklie" fabric. Mom was nice enough to fire up the sewing machine and "help" me make a surprise dance skirt for Mads at 10:00 pm,(well..actually..she sewed the entire thing and I watched). Mom snapped this picture for me, tonight. Endless Mountains Dance Center is putting on a special Christmas recital this year..can't wait!

The Logster had night practice this evening. He arrived home, hungry as a bear, around 9:30. I finally got his senior pictures arranged for next Wednesday at Reflections. Jody is planning to get some shots outside with the Mustang and up to the football field, then back for some traditionals. Hopefully, there will still be some color left on the trees.

One last weekend before clinicals start back up. Weekend is jammed full of fun stuff! Heading to Loyalsock Friday night for football, Saturday is the much anticipated WINE TRIP! Sunday is the family fall weenie roast up on the hill and I understand that my Dad is really getting into this scavenger hunt thing..let's hope for nice weather!

Stay warm, my friends! Hey...don't forget to vote if you have not done so..I see there was a tie today on a few of the activities!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend update

Friday night was bittersweet. The sweet part was that Jay and I participated in "senior recognition" by walking Logan down the 50 yard line. We had a large section of the bleachers filled with family and friends, including my Dad, (his first game due to hip problems). Logan had some great sacks and even recovered a fumble . It was fun watching my Dad's expressions, as he enjoyed the game. The not-so-sweet part was that they lost...the NTL. With two regular games left in the season, they can easily keep going for several more games...we will see what happens next week, as we head to Loyalsock, PA.

Mads & Emily stop for a pose in Watkins Glen. More like sisters, than cousins.

Spent the day with Mom, Amy, Mads & Emily on Saturday. We headed up to the Windmill, then stopped back in Watkins Glen to the yarn shop. I was like a kid in a candy shop..almost overwhelmed with the many selections & colors.

Emily was as excited about the yarn shop as I was - she can sit for hours and use her round knit-wit..and she's patiently waiting for Aunt Karen to teach her to knit with needles. Amy purchased some alpaca handpainted yarn that was made locally, with the intentions that I would make Emily a scarf & hat to match her new pea coat.Saturday night was spent studying, but I couldn't wait to get started on Emmy's scarf, so I studied, knitted, studied, knitted, studied..until late into the night.

After church on Sunday, we joined everyone for a Pastor's appreciation dinner. Jay and Madison spent a lot of time together Sunday afternoon, while I continued to study.

Off today, exam at 5:00.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TGIF, baby!

Can't believe that I'm saying TGIF already, seems that yesterday was Monday! If I can get through a crazy day of work, (my co-workers are off, so I'm flying solo today), tonight will be such a fun night! Not only the excitement of the game, but a lot of family will be at this game...and I know we will get rowdy! Tonight is senior recognition night, so Jay and I will get to walk with Logan.

Finished these wrist/hand warmers called Toast, which Madison has already claimed.
Knit up with double-pointed needles. A very quick self -gratifying type project. Just in time for a cold night at the football game, (temp supposed to drop to 40's). I found a great site for all kinds of fingerless! I'm thinking that my guys might like something like this, especially when it comes to hunting. I'm hoping to make a quick stop at the Finger Lakes Fiber Store this weekend to finally get some yarn for the shawl that I'm patiently waiting to knit.

A co-worker asked me today, where I find time to knit. I don't have the time, but I make 15-30 minutes, a few times a calms me. If everyone would learn to knit, there would be less of a need for anti-anxiety meds. Read an article that major league sports stars, high profile lawyers & young, stock traders are decreasing their stress, by knitting.
Big exam on Monday - nursing ethics, legal issues & history of nursing. Have a study budget all worked out for the weekend, starting with the wee early hours of Saturday. Also have Monday off, which will be a big help.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20 years

Jay and I - twenty years today. I love you!

Let's take five minutes today, close our eyes and imagine
that we are on a relaxing cruise, just the two of us.....then
reality will hit and I'll be at a late night lecture while you
are shuffling Mads to and from dance class.
We can catch up this weekend, starting with a date
on the bleachers Friday night. Love you~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A beautiful day for a mule ride!

A Kawasaki Mule, that is! My sister, I and the girls spent most of today "muling" around the farm getting apples, winter pears and bittersweet. I really wanted wild grapes & hickory nuts, but no luck finding them. If we would have ditched the mule, carried some baskets and had calico dresses, we would have set the perfect seen for "Little House on the Prairie - Preparing for the Cold, Hard Winter" I got enough bittersweet to make myself a wreath, but need to get more since Amy threatened to steal the wreath tomorrow, when I leave for work. [My Mom and I saw a plaque that read "A woman without a sister is like a bird without wings]'s the truth. I love my sis!! The views are amazing. It's gorgeous days like this that remind me to appreciate where I live.
We weren't the only ones riding around enjoying the views, my Dad, Logan & Daisy were out with Dad's Ranger. Who could be inside on a day like today?

And did I mention football?? Another exciting game Friday night! Towanda 48, Tunkhannock 17.
No baking this weekend, but I did whip up some waffles with choc. chips, before church this morning. Recipe compliments of an old Grange Cookbook from my Grandma. Madison made cinnimon & spiced pumpkin seeds that turned out great.

I also enjoyed spending Saturday with my Mom. We don't get to spend much time together, anymore. It seemed nice to browse around some shops and have lunch together.
Studying, reading..notta once! I promised myself to read Monday morning from 5-6 am, with coffee in hand.
Don't forget to enter my poll and vote for your favorite fall activity.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's PROOF that when you turn 40, willing to try anything!

I am SO PROUD of my friend, Karen! Honestly, I couldn't believe it until I actually saw the picture! She rode a horse for the first time in her life! Prior to her event, we exchanged emails throughout the day - I'm sure I didn't help her anxiety level when I gave her this advice, as a prior horse owner: "don't PULL THE REINS BACK TOO could go on hind legs. BUT if horse starts to gallop away, don't panic..PULL HARD ON REINS because better to go up in the air..than to have headlines in tomorrow's Daily Review "Hot blond streak seen headed towards Buffalo"

She threatened that she would wear a bike helmet and snow look at this picture...she's a confident, babe..and looks like a natural on her horse! Guess this means I need to conquer my fears and go down-hill skiing with her this winter! Here's to turning 40 and broadening the spectrum on life! WooHoo, Karen, Way to go!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

DNA, RNA.blah, blah, blah..

If it wasn't for the 10 point quiz, the trip to the college would have been a wasted one, this evening. Micro lecture consisted of DNA, RNA..genetics. Glad all the lecture notes are on overhead and printed out for us - my mind just kept wandering. I heard something about nucleotides & ribosomes, but I was in a far off land thinking about the upcoming wine trip, thinking about my much needed hair apt on Saturday at 7 AM, thinking about the yarn I wanted to buy this weekend to knit this. We were tortured with this lecture until 8:35 pm..UGH!
Came home to find that Madison had sold the remainder of Gertrude Hawk candy bars, tonight. Not too shabby - two boxes in one day, (thanks to Amy selling a box, also). Selling these to benefit our graduation dinner party.

BCC mid-semester break Monday & Tuesday.

Let's get this weekend started! Woohoo!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Like a freight train

It seems that this last semester is flying by and graduation is fast approaching like the speed of a freight train! This makes the 6th week of classes - almost half way there. I finished my last clinical rotation in NY state, this past weekend. Have the rest of my weekends free for October! YIPPEE! Will do my very last clinical rotations, starting on Nov. 1, at RPH. This evening at lecture, I was presented with an "official invitation" to attend an informative session of recruiting for UHS. When I saw my pre-printed name on the invite, it hit me - I'm really almost done! The informative session will explain the benefits & perks that are being offered to the newly graduating nurse, as well as great food & free gifts. This hospital will hand me a $25 gift certificate to the mall, just for stopping by! The sign-on bonuses and free gifts sound great, but what is really important to me is: #1. Does the hospital participate in loan forgiveness, (the hospital pays my student loan). #2 Is tuition reimbursement covered for RN to BSN? #3 What is the nurse to patient ratio?
From deciding on gold or silver for my nursing pin, to getting my portrait taken with the big hat, (yes, we are OLD and we still want our picture with the big hat on)'s all coming fast!
Off tomorrow and will be studying for my Micro lab exam...the big one. Surprising Madison and taking her to lunch, during her school lunch period. She's doing so much better - no more stomach aches and her grades are super. Logan is interested in Lycoming College and will complete his SAT's in late November. He's working hard this year, and I'm so proud of him~
Will finish another chapter of "Deadly Companions", a book reading requirement for far, it's interesting enough to get through one chapter a day...of course, I would rather be reading a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a game!!

How about those Black Knights!! It sure was cold, but the football game was great! Ending score, Towanda 40, Wellsboro 12.
Friday was "spirit day" at school. Madison had wanted to take cookies and I told her that I would bake some once I got home from class Thursday night. Arrived how at 9:45 and realized I had one stick of butter and about a half a cup of flour. She was more than happy to settle for Dunkin Donut "smidgens" for her class, but I got a blaze of energy Friday morning, and was at P&C by 5:30 picking up some "break & bake" sugar cookies, as well as some black & orange icing. Threw them in the oven by 6:15..Even though it was quite a slop job, she had her "spirit" cookies and all was well! Even found time to have them pose for a few pictures before their busy day got started.

Up at 4:00 and out the door by 4:45. with coffee in hand. I chose to not pre-assign for my patient information on Friday, (would have missed the game). so I needed to get to the hospital early enough to get all of my patient info, collect all the lab studies, and review the meds. I spent my day with a six week old baby that was having some respiratory distress. I got to give 1:1 care, all day long, to this little precious. Back in Wysox by 4:30. Picked Madison up from the kitchen of the Wysox Fire Hall, where she had been helping her Gram Abbott. Came home to find Jay mowing the yard, which put me in the mood to clean out the gardens....two hours later, all beds are free of dried up flowers & weeds. Decorated the front with some cornstalks & pumpkins..Welcome Fall!
I get to sleep in until 5:00 tomorrow morning! I'm anticipating my clinical day, tomorrow, as I will be surrounded by an island of babies, (I'm working in the nursery)..I hear the number is up to 22!