Monday, February 21, 2011

More of February

Finally, a craft room that I had envisioned for so long..complete!

We refurbished an antique, hobby bench that had previously set in an old, garage for probably 100 years! After scrubbing off layers of suet & dirt, we added crown molding and painted it. A few boards were removed so that a comfy stool fit up to it. Credit goes to my husband for everything, except the scrubbing. Now, to get pictures printed off & start scrapping!

Finishing up a rugby style scarf for Madison, and then may put the knitting on hold for awhile, so that I can get back in the waters of scrapping.

Spent part of the afternoon soaking up some sun and XC skiing! The views that surround our home are beautiful, especially blanketed in glistening snow.

Heading to Sno-Mountain, next week, for a few days of skiing with the family. Life is good & every day is a blessing~

Monday, February 14, 2011

LoVE iS FaMiLy

Time has gotten away from me, as I realize that I have not posted anything for the month of February - and how did it get to be mid-Feb., already?

We have been keeping busy with an array of activities, nothing "over the top," just wholesome, content, fun! Everything from homemade pizza parties, sledding, xc skiing, making ice cream, ice skating, board games & movies in the family room and cooking with my daughter.

I took on the attitude, a few years ago, to embrace what winter has to offer - the chance to slow down a bit, enjoy the coziness of our home but also enjoy the outdoor activities of winter. We have had so many bitter, cold days and few sunny, winter days. I'm hoping that the next two weeks hold much sunshine, as well as snow covered grounds. It's much nicer for sledding.

Something that I have not started = scrapbooking. I wanted to dive into pictures, paper & stickers, this winter..and as of now, I have not started. I did, however; find myself an AWESOME, antique, free workstation! This beast came from an old, auto garage. See the before & after pics. We still need to cap the ends in moulding & add a piece of plate glass to the top. My hubby is going to cut out two boards, underneath, so that a comfy stool will fit, nicely. Hopefully, within the next two days, this great find will be sitting in the craft room.

I'm keeping up with Project 365! At the end of one year, I will have the project made into a photo book - fun!

Have a nice Valentine's Day, everyone!