Monday, February 21, 2011

More of February

Finally, a craft room that I had envisioned for so long..complete!

We refurbished an antique, hobby bench that had previously set in an old, garage for probably 100 years! After scrubbing off layers of suet & dirt, we added crown molding and painted it. A few boards were removed so that a comfy stool fit up to it. Credit goes to my husband for everything, except the scrubbing. Now, to get pictures printed off & start scrapping!

Finishing up a rugby style scarf for Madison, and then may put the knitting on hold for awhile, so that I can get back in the waters of scrapping.

Spent part of the afternoon soaking up some sun and XC skiing! The views that surround our home are beautiful, especially blanketed in glistening snow.

Heading to Sno-Mountain, next week, for a few days of skiing with the family. Life is good & every day is a blessing~