Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just an update

It's the end of a weekend..and almost the end of the month..where has time gone?? A little update from life at the Abbott home: We made turkey chowder today from the family cookbook that my friend, Kay, gave me. Fabulous! I made Martha Stewart ginger cookies today. You must try them if you like molasses. I plan to start a walking program tomorrow.....seriously. Jay and I went on a dinner/movie date Saturday night. We saw "The Reader". Karen didn't like the movie. (Think it's being the mother of a teenage boy thing). Wish I picked door number 2..Slumdog (it took the Oscar). Miss Madison enjoyed attending a slumber/birthday party....Logan went to a birthday party as well...but the motherly instinct tells me that it wasn't cake & ice cream he was enjoying...Am I really old enough to have a 17 year old?? The dog is shedding in a very furious way. Is this a sign that spring is coming? Running the cleaner on a daily basis.
Three weeks into my nursing role and I LOVE IT STILL! Having so much fun:) For instance: I wasn't sure how to collect a urine sample from a catheter, so a care partner showed me. We went in to a gentleman's room around 2 Am to collect our sample. He wakes up and says "well..isn't this something...trying to steal urine from a guys tap system". This just struck us sooo funny...still makes me laugh! HA! I put in an NG tube this week...and I put in a male foley cath all by myself (slick as butta). Also had a real good IV stick. Everything went very smooth with one poke. One more week of 3-3's & 3-11's, then doing a week of days, then on to nights. Home until 2 tomorrow. The plan is to study for the boards...and take a walk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Fog..

One of the biggest obstacles of nursing, thus far, is trying to stay acclimated to what day it is...I spent all day, yesterday, thinking it was Saturday! It wasn't until later in the day that the light bulb came on and I realized that I had better get some school clothes washed.
All of Saturday and part of Sunday were spent fighting a headache, (which I very seldom get). Sunday afternoon involved helping Madison make "I-Pod Valentines". Thanks to PeaKnit for sharing these trendy Valentines. Turned out really cute and just perfect for an 11 year old.I taught Madison how to make "monkey bread", which we pulled out of the oven just as Jay's parents stopped in for a visit. Hot tea and monkey bread...yum!

Started knitting up a quick "drop-stitch" scarf with some hand-dyed yarn that I purchased a year ago and wasn't quite sure what to use it on.

Enjoy this beautiful sun-filled day:)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

4:15 am, cold pizza, all is quiet

Winding down after coming off a 3P - 3:30A shift. Busy night...and I STILL LOVE IT! Let's see..I started an IV tonight, completed a dressing change of a status post left foot amputee, (first time for this newby and yes..I was very nervous when taking off that last piece of gauze)..that later tried to get out of bed, twice. Love being busy, wearing scrubs & NB sneakers to work..and I get a work-out while earning money:) One more week of this second shift, then on to do some first & third. Second is hard on the family time, and definetly not my pick for a shift..but it's ok during this learning phase of my position.

All is quiet here at the Abbott home. Looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend. No big plans...just little "simples" such as making valentines with mads, baking, playing games, enjoying the 45 degree weather that is supposed to hit, jay's pancakes, knitting, narrowing down the planning of our disney trip, picking out paint for the craft/utility room & downstairs bath and just having fun:) Happy Weekend All! ~I don't return to work until Tuesday at 3~

PS - Go RED! Friday was national Go RED day. A day to fight the number one killer of woman - heart disease. Buy a beautiful "red dress" pin and proceeds are donated to the fight against heart disease.

It's time to sleep.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Saying a big WOOHOO from a household of Steeler's fans! What a game!!