Saturday, February 7, 2009

4:15 am, cold pizza, all is quiet

Winding down after coming off a 3P - 3:30A shift. Busy night...and I STILL LOVE IT! Let's see..I started an IV tonight, completed a dressing change of a status post left foot amputee, (first time for this newby and yes..I was very nervous when taking off that last piece of gauze)..that later tried to get out of bed, twice. Love being busy, wearing scrubs & NB sneakers to work..and I get a work-out while earning money:) One more week of this second shift, then on to do some first & third. Second is hard on the family time, and definetly not my pick for a shift..but it's ok during this learning phase of my position.

All is quiet here at the Abbott home. Looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend. No big plans...just little "simples" such as making valentines with mads, baking, playing games, enjoying the 45 degree weather that is supposed to hit, jay's pancakes, knitting, narrowing down the planning of our disney trip, picking out paint for the craft/utility room & downstairs bath and just having fun:) Happy Weekend All! ~I don't return to work until Tuesday at 3~

PS - Go RED! Friday was national Go RED day. A day to fight the number one killer of woman - heart disease. Buy a beautiful "red dress" pin and proceeds are donated to the fight against heart disease.

It's time to sleep.

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Rudee said...

That split shift has to be hard. In no time at all, you're going to be an old pro at what you do. It sounds like you're having fun, and that's what's important. Enjoy your weekend.