Wednesday, June 2, 2010


That is what the last few weeks have felt like..a whirlwind. I worked a little extra time in the past week, finishing up this week and getting back to my three 12's/ week for summer. Still LOVE nursing, sometimes I have a little cry on my drive home...but it's not from the work, it's from the experience of comforting an elderly person that just found out he can't go home to his wife and needs to go to a nursing home...its looking into the eyes of a woman in her 40's who is emancipated from cancer and faces the challenge of surgery for palliative's that little grandma type that is teetering on the fence of Alzheimer's -vs-'s the man that worked hard all his life and finds out that his leg couldn't be saved. Every day is such a reminder to not take life for granted.

On a different note, we enjoyed Madison's dance recital last weekend:) I now know why she is tired & hungry after dance practice. She preformed thee dances, tap, ballet & jazz. The jazz routine was over the top! Dancing to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary", they got to close the was awesome!

Longing for that first camping trip. Our first trip of the season will be to Cape May. Leaving in a few weeks and spending five nights at Seashore Campground. We were there a few years back and just loved it.

I'm still loving the new camera! Here are a few candids that are my favorites:

Happy mid-week, friends. Be back soon with some knitting & recipes.