Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to my garden

Some of my first blooms. I've started a perennial journal, and realize that I have lost several plants over the past years. Just purchased some Blue Bells, Pink Garden Phlox and a Japanese Iris. Those will go in the ground today.

My Nana's yellow iris. Nana has been gone for many years but her Iris bulbs continue to bloom each year. The most hardy bloom in my garden.

Tribbles, a quick to finish project that is used all the time in my kitchen. Also is a nice little gift to give along with a scented body wash. Love to knit these in the natural, undyed cotton.

I received this beautiful tropical hibiscus tree for Mother's Day. My task will be to keep in alive. It hosts beautiful blooms. Planning on keeping it in the kitchen and only taking it on the deck for occasions.

Excitement for the week: My son made the dean's list for his second semester of college!!! I'm so very proud of him. Planning a steak dinner for him, in a few weeks, on the shore of Cayuga Lake.

Madison turns 13 on Sunday! I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? Taking her and three friends to the mall, Saturday afternoon, to see "Letters to Juliet" and then to dinner. She had her pick of restaurants and they all decided on for me! I'm actually taking a friend along, too! She's a brave soul:)

Working tonight. Back to my three 12 hour shifts. Love it. Feels like I am home all the time. Took a break from any OT for the past month. Feeling regenerated. Staffing has gotten better. My patient load has only been 6 or 7 patients, vs the 8-10 when we were short. My time management skills are improving. When a 12 hour shift seems to go by in 6, time management is of essence.

The sun is finally shining, it's time for a walk. Happy upcoming weekend, friends.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No excuses now:)

Now that I have a new laptop and camera, I have no excuses to not be updating my blog. I love to blog, however; my equipment had been on the downfall. Some friends have asked for updates, and my daughter pointed out that I have "snow" pics in my last post. It's my promise to now update my blog at least once a week, as well as start a flickr "picture a day" project. I enjoy reading several blogs, but one of my favs is Leslie's "a friend to knit with" blog. I've been reading it for over two years. And Jules, if you are reading this..I will have recipes again:)

Since Mother's Day weekend is my weekend to work, it was very nice to attend a mother/daughter banquet tonight at our church, the theme being "a purse driven life"!

Besides knitting, Madison and I have been playing with beads. We made two bracelets for the banquet, as door prizes. We will be selling these types of bracelets/rings to benefit the upcoming Relay for Life.

Knitting...finishing up some baby items at this moment.

For the past two weeks, I have been working just my three 12 hour shifts and have really been enjoying this! I will be able to make it to all of Madison's ball games:)

Logan is just finishing up his second semester, I'm very proud of his accomplishments..for those of you with teenagers..they do finally mature!