Saturday, December 27, 2008

Job Acceptance

Hope everyone had a joyous and peaceful Christmas. Ours was wonderful, but I have to admit that I was utterly one of those last minute to a few stores before they closed Christmas Eve..not cool. Definitely won't happen next year. We did have a nice Christmas Eve with Jay's parents/family and it was very nice to open our gifts Christmas morning, host a nice breakfast for Jay's parents and then spend the entire day at home before heading to my parents in the evening.
By the way..The Christmas Shoes was the winner for the most popular Christmas movie on my poll. Now let me tell you, I purchased the sequel to this movie called "The Christmas Blessing" which is about the little boy all grown up. We didn't get a chance to watch it until last evening and I was literly sobbing at the end of this movie.

I have accepted a position as a med/surge nurse and will start January 19th! After being interviewed for two different positions and taking some time to think about each position and what was offered, I decided that I wanted to start out my nursing career in med/surg, as I will gain the most experience with this position. I still want to be an oncology nurse, but I feel that it is so import to get a good foundation in med/surg. I valued the opinions of nurses in my family, as well as co-workers/friends that are nurses. I know I'm making the right just feels right to me. My last day at my current job will be Jan. 8th..I will miss so many people there. Taking 10 days off before starting my new job. This will be my time to get my house organized.

At this point, I am just having fun! Knitting, reading, playing games with the kids, catching up with friends, going on dates with Jay (dancing this evening..woohoo) and a little shopping, too. Mads, Amy and I are headed to the mall this morning to exchange and purchase a few items.

I got to shop for new nursing scrubs the other day, thanks to my Aunt. I have my first set of "trendy" scrubs!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The ultimate WOOHOO

Nursing school is officially over and it feels wonderful! I'm still trying to train myself not to head up Route 17 as soon as I leave's been such a routine for so long. I will definitely miss my classmates, but several of us have vowed to stay in touch. With the last class ending during such a busy month, several of our classmates were not able to meet for dinner after the final. Although it would have been perfect for all of us to have gotten together, the handful of us that did, had a great time.
I've been asked by several blog readers, to keep this blog running. I'm in the midst of a transition, a new chapter in my life will soon start, but I will do my best to keep bloggin'. I have interviewed for two different positions and spent this past weekend weighing out the differences of each position. I feel like a race horse that is awaiting the gate to open! The ultimate hurdle still needs to be surpassed..preparing and passing my boards. After taking a breath and enjoying Christmas, I will start the Kaplan Review Program. My goal is to get licensed within 12 weeks, commiting to two hours of review per day, after 12/25.

Seems nice to have more time with my family. Tonight, we were sprawled out on the floor, playing Sorry and Madison already has another game lined up for tomorrow evening.
I feel very lucky & fortunate to have such wonderful family, friends, co-workers and church family. So many words of empowerment have been sent my way in the past three years. My husband being my biggest supporter. I couldn't have done it without all of them. Thank you with all my heart. My dream has come true.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The day I've been waiting for

Well, it's finally here. The last day of nursing school. An emotional evening ahead. It was so sweet Monday night. I arrived at class to find that each set of two desks held a beautiful box. No explanation as to who it was from, just perfectly set upon our desk to greet us. In the box, were two beautiful wrapped dove for each of us. Enveloping the doves, were cards explaining the meaning of the dove. One of my classmates, as busy as she has been, went out of her way to a specialty shop and purchased these wonderful gifts.

All of us are going to Applebees for dinner, after the final. I will be back, later this evening, with pictures. In the past three years, we didn't find a lot of "extra" time to spend with each other, but we spent so much time in the classroom & clinicals together. We started with a large group of 32, ending with an intimate group of 15. See you tonight, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Angels & My Dancer

Nearing the end of an entertaining and busy weekend. I haven't had much time to study for the final, but will be plugging away at it, this evening and the next three days.

Madison, Emily, Gabby & Lily were little choir angels Saturday evening at the church.

We enjoyed "An Old Fashioned Christmas Pageant" at our church, Saturday night...complete with a real donkey. That Lily is soo cute!

Another entertainment was Madison's Christmas dance recital this afternoon. I wasn't able to take pictures during the actual recital, so we snapped a few by our tree.

With the flowers that her Daddy got her....

Finally able to share a picture of my fun purse - pattern from the book One Skein Wonders. Knit & felted in wool/mohair. Isn't it just screaming Christmas Party!!! I hope to put it to good use a few times this month!
To all of you, have a wonderful week! For me, the upcoming week is one that I have waited on for quite a while.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Portrait

The last family portrait that we had taken was in 1998 - ten years ago. That ten year chunk of time seemed to go by so quickly. I'm quite happy with the job that Sears did, and with all the coupons/specials, we were able to order a nice amount of pictures for under $75. We left the mall around 9:15 pm and stopped for a late dinner.
October came & went and I had wanted a nice picture of Jay & I for our 20th anniversary. I like the informality of this picture.
I also wanted a picture of the kids together. We ended up ordering three different poses, but the one at the end is my favorite as it reflects the closeness that those two have for each other. Thank you, Amy, for prompting me to get & keep the apt. for pictures..and it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be to color are the best!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just days away!

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to update the blog..this would be because I'm flyin' by the seat of my pants, it seems! Officially down to just three nights of class left. A Mirco final test tomorrow evening & then Monday & Wed. next week for Nursing. That's it!! DONE! YIPPEE!

Yesterday, I spent the day observing a Hospice nurse in the community. This will definitely be in my future, once I gain experience.
Christmas shopping? nowhere near done. Wrapping?..yea.right! Cookies?..notta one Decorating? partially, but no tree yet. Somehow, it will get done. I'll get my reality check this Saturday evening, when I'm reminded of what it's all about, as our Church has it's "Old Fashioned Christmas Pageant"..can't wait for this! Sunday will follow with the Christmas Cantata, which I love lisening to. Sunday evening is Madison's Christmas Dance Recital. Jay has been the "dance Dad" so far this year. I've been totally out of the loop. Looking so forward to watching her dance. A very entertaining weekend ahead!!
I did finish a knitting project with a few more needed before Christmas. This one happens to be for me and is screaming "Christmas Party". *Pictures coming soon..still searching for my camera cable:) Knit from the book Oneskein, using bulky wool/mohair. Very fun and knit up quick. Did take three cycles of hot water washes to get the felting that I like.
Scheduled vacation day tomorrow. Day will be split to study for Micro exam & Nursing final.
Major accomplishment - I got my Christmas cards out early! Woohoo!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

He's king of the man shed tonight

I called Jay on his cell at about 4:30, and got this response, "can I call you back, I just shot a buck" a low, panting voice. I totally interrupted the adrenaline pumping man hunt. Then I heard those words that a wife doesn't like to hear.."nice rack"..this translates to "deer on wall"..ugh! Glad they have that new man shed..will make a nice place for their "trophies".

Funny thing..I went to pull in the driveway this evening, and there stands a buck in the middle of my flower garden.

After hitting the "refresh" button all the live long day, my grade finally popped up around 3:30...breathing a sigh of relief this evening! Home from class by 8:30 tonight..done for the week:)

I couldn't resist showing this cutie-pie picture of my four nieces. Looks like they were helping Grandma with her tree. Can't wait until I have more time to spend with them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Test from hell

One of the ugliest nursing exams, this evening. Everyone pretty much looked "spent" after taking this exam. So much reading for each question..and still only 1 minute per question. Have no idea what the outcome will be until grade is posted tomorrow. One more, just one more to go!
I actually drove home in complete silence this music. Stress headache.

One more partner and I are doing a power point presentation on diphtheria. Looking SO forward to weekend. Not a lot going on, but will finally get some time to get the house in order and put up a few decorations. Since I had a rough night, Jay aked me on a date for Saturday choice and I picked Twigs, but not before going to Nimble Hill Winery.

Madison was beaming tonight and couldn't wait to tell me that she had no homework, since she was one of the top three with the highest math test grade. Wish Logan had that much enthusiasm..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Finished my last clinical weekend~Woohooo!

My last full clinical rotation is completed. I missed Madison singing in church on Sunday, but Jay was there for her. Spent this past weekend on the Oncology floor. From what I have heard, this floor is hiring one new grad. I'm hopeful. Twenty-three new grad positions throughout the hospital. Whirlwind, that's what I feel like I am in at the present time. Only a few more weeks of class, but still quite a bit of studying left in the game. Nursing exam #4 this week, then the final on the 17th. A few more weeks of Micro, including giving a powerpoint presentation on Diphtheria this Thursday, followed by the ending exam next week. Many dates to remember for the kids' activities. Senior football banquet this Sunday. Church Christmas pageant on Saturday evening, 13th (this always gets me in the spirit for Christmas), Christmas dance recital Sunday evening, 14th. I still have corn stalks out front and a fall wreath, but at least Jay ditched the pumpkin. With having a final exam the week before Christmas, decorating/baking will be simplistic this year. We have always had a tradition on Black Friday, of getting out a few decorations and making Christmas crafts. We did manage to stamp gift tags, but didn't get to the decorations. I had a great picture to share..but can't find my camera cable this evening:(
No buck for my guys today..but a big racked buck kissed the front of Jay's truck the other night, causing a few thousand dollars of damage. The guys are enjoying the new "man shed" (meat shop) that my brother has been working diligently at for months.
Looking around, my housework needs some major attention that isn't going to happen until Saturday morning. Three more late night classes to go, then Christmas shopping on Friday with my Mom & Sis!