Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Test from hell

One of the ugliest nursing exams, this evening. Everyone pretty much looked "spent" after taking this exam. So much reading for each question..and still only 1 minute per question. Have no idea what the outcome will be until grade is posted tomorrow. One more, just one more to go!
I actually drove home in complete silence this music. Stress headache.

One more partner and I are doing a power point presentation on diphtheria. Looking SO forward to weekend. Not a lot going on, but will finally get some time to get the house in order and put up a few decorations. Since I had a rough night, Jay aked me on a date for Saturday choice and I picked Twigs, but not before going to Nimble Hill Winery.

Madison was beaming tonight and couldn't wait to tell me that she had no homework, since she was one of the top three with the highest math test grade. Wish Logan had that much enthusiasm..

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Mary Ann said...

Can't believe it's almost over! I soooo admire you. I feel one big party coming on!!
Enjoy your weekend. And tell Madison congratulations from me.. I am so proud of her , too!