Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Projects & Fun

We started a tradition, long ago, of making homemade Christmas tags using stamps, glitter, fabric, ribbon, etc. Usually, this tradition takes place at the kitchen table, however; this year, we were able to use the new craft room - joy!! When we were finished, I just closed the door.

I have 4 little nieces that love doing craft projects, as well as my daughter, Madison.

Our family Christmas party was held Saturday evening. I wanted a party where my family could "step back in time". My cousins' made cookies/breads from recipes that my Nana always used. A little tree adorned old pictures and a recreated tin foil star. The star was something I remember on my Grandparent's tree, as my Nana made a star from cardboard/tinfoil and a red light after her original star broke. Fresh cedar, white lights, candy canes & old pictures decorated the tables.
My favorite decoration was taken from an idea in a magazine. I took and old window frame, painted it white and hung different sized snowflakes & black/white vintage pictures, using fishing line.

Wishing everyone a peaceful & relaxing week.

Monday, December 13, 2010

*CozY for ChrisTmaS*

My decorations may not be perfect, my shopping may not be quite done and my baking..not even started...BUT, we are cozy in our home! Just enough decorations up to enlighten the house. Christmas movies are being watched, hot cocoa is being drank, family room is full of family and blessings are being counted.

As a nurse, I have witnessed many situations that sting the heart. Each time, making me more & more aware of how precious this life is and what it holds. Don't sweat the small stuff, it's not important in the big picture.

Knitting? A little. Evangeline Christmas Red Fingerless Mitts.

Make time for an old Christmas movie and some cocoa & enjoy the coziness of your home, too!