Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Projects & Fun

We started a tradition, long ago, of making homemade Christmas tags using stamps, glitter, fabric, ribbon, etc. Usually, this tradition takes place at the kitchen table, however; this year, we were able to use the new craft room - joy!! When we were finished, I just closed the door.

I have 4 little nieces that love doing craft projects, as well as my daughter, Madison.

Our family Christmas party was held Saturday evening. I wanted a party where my family could "step back in time". My cousins' made cookies/breads from recipes that my Nana always used. A little tree adorned old pictures and a recreated tin foil star. The star was something I remember on my Grandparent's tree, as my Nana made a star from cardboard/tinfoil and a red light after her original star broke. Fresh cedar, white lights, candy canes & old pictures decorated the tables.
My favorite decoration was taken from an idea in a magazine. I took and old window frame, painted it white and hung different sized snowflakes & black/white vintage pictures, using fishing line.

Wishing everyone a peaceful & relaxing week.

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