Monday, December 22, 2008

The ultimate WOOHOO

Nursing school is officially over and it feels wonderful! I'm still trying to train myself not to head up Route 17 as soon as I leave's been such a routine for so long. I will definitely miss my classmates, but several of us have vowed to stay in touch. With the last class ending during such a busy month, several of our classmates were not able to meet for dinner after the final. Although it would have been perfect for all of us to have gotten together, the handful of us that did, had a great time.
I've been asked by several blog readers, to keep this blog running. I'm in the midst of a transition, a new chapter in my life will soon start, but I will do my best to keep bloggin'. I have interviewed for two different positions and spent this past weekend weighing out the differences of each position. I feel like a race horse that is awaiting the gate to open! The ultimate hurdle still needs to be surpassed..preparing and passing my boards. After taking a breath and enjoying Christmas, I will start the Kaplan Review Program. My goal is to get licensed within 12 weeks, commiting to two hours of review per day, after 12/25.

Seems nice to have more time with my family. Tonight, we were sprawled out on the floor, playing Sorry and Madison already has another game lined up for tomorrow evening.
I feel very lucky & fortunate to have such wonderful family, friends, co-workers and church family. So many words of empowerment have been sent my way in the past three years. My husband being my biggest supporter. I couldn't have done it without all of them. Thank you with all my heart. My dream has come true.

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