Thursday, December 4, 2008

He's king of the man shed tonight

I called Jay on his cell at about 4:30, and got this response, "can I call you back, I just shot a buck" a low, panting voice. I totally interrupted the adrenaline pumping man hunt. Then I heard those words that a wife doesn't like to hear.."nice rack"..this translates to "deer on wall"..ugh! Glad they have that new man shed..will make a nice place for their "trophies".

Funny thing..I went to pull in the driveway this evening, and there stands a buck in the middle of my flower garden.

After hitting the "refresh" button all the live long day, my grade finally popped up around 3:30...breathing a sigh of relief this evening! Home from class by 8:30 tonight..done for the week:)

I couldn't resist showing this cutie-pie picture of my four nieces. Looks like they were helping Grandma with her tree. Can't wait until I have more time to spend with them.

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Kelly said...

Cute picture of the girls and NICE JOB, Jay!