Monday, December 1, 2008

Finished my last clinical weekend~Woohooo!

My last full clinical rotation is completed. I missed Madison singing in church on Sunday, but Jay was there for her. Spent this past weekend on the Oncology floor. From what I have heard, this floor is hiring one new grad. I'm hopeful. Twenty-three new grad positions throughout the hospital. Whirlwind, that's what I feel like I am in at the present time. Only a few more weeks of class, but still quite a bit of studying left in the game. Nursing exam #4 this week, then the final on the 17th. A few more weeks of Micro, including giving a powerpoint presentation on Diphtheria this Thursday, followed by the ending exam next week. Many dates to remember for the kids' activities. Senior football banquet this Sunday. Church Christmas pageant on Saturday evening, 13th (this always gets me in the spirit for Christmas), Christmas dance recital Sunday evening, 14th. I still have corn stalks out front and a fall wreath, but at least Jay ditched the pumpkin. With having a final exam the week before Christmas, decorating/baking will be simplistic this year. We have always had a tradition on Black Friday, of getting out a few decorations and making Christmas crafts. We did manage to stamp gift tags, but didn't get to the decorations. I had a great picture to share..but can't find my camera cable this evening:(
No buck for my guys today..but a big racked buck kissed the front of Jay's truck the other night, causing a few thousand dollars of damage. The guys are enjoying the new "man shed" (meat shop) that my brother has been working diligently at for months.
Looking around, my housework needs some major attention that isn't going to happen until Saturday morning. Three more late night classes to go, then Christmas shopping on Friday with my Mom & Sis!

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