Saturday, December 27, 2008

Job Acceptance

Hope everyone had a joyous and peaceful Christmas. Ours was wonderful, but I have to admit that I was utterly one of those last minute to a few stores before they closed Christmas Eve..not cool. Definitely won't happen next year. We did have a nice Christmas Eve with Jay's parents/family and it was very nice to open our gifts Christmas morning, host a nice breakfast for Jay's parents and then spend the entire day at home before heading to my parents in the evening.
By the way..The Christmas Shoes was the winner for the most popular Christmas movie on my poll. Now let me tell you, I purchased the sequel to this movie called "The Christmas Blessing" which is about the little boy all grown up. We didn't get a chance to watch it until last evening and I was literly sobbing at the end of this movie.

I have accepted a position as a med/surge nurse and will start January 19th! After being interviewed for two different positions and taking some time to think about each position and what was offered, I decided that I wanted to start out my nursing career in med/surg, as I will gain the most experience with this position. I still want to be an oncology nurse, but I feel that it is so import to get a good foundation in med/surg. I valued the opinions of nurses in my family, as well as co-workers/friends that are nurses. I know I'm making the right just feels right to me. My last day at my current job will be Jan. 8th..I will miss so many people there. Taking 10 days off before starting my new job. This will be my time to get my house organized.

At this point, I am just having fun! Knitting, reading, playing games with the kids, catching up with friends, going on dates with Jay (dancing this evening..woohoo) and a little shopping, too. Mads, Amy and I are headed to the mall this morning to exchange and purchase a few items.

I got to shop for new nursing scrubs the other day, thanks to my Aunt. I have my first set of "trendy" scrubs!!

Have a great weekend!

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Kelly said...

Congratulations, Karen!!! Enjoy every second of your time off, too. :)

Happy New Year!