Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just an update

It's the end of a weekend..and almost the end of the month..where has time gone?? A little update from life at the Abbott home: We made turkey chowder today from the family cookbook that my friend, Kay, gave me. Fabulous! I made Martha Stewart ginger cookies today. You must try them if you like molasses. I plan to start a walking program tomorrow.....seriously. Jay and I went on a dinner/movie date Saturday night. We saw "The Reader". Karen didn't like the movie. (Think it's being the mother of a teenage boy thing). Wish I picked door number 2..Slumdog (it took the Oscar). Miss Madison enjoyed attending a slumber/birthday party....Logan went to a birthday party as well...but the motherly instinct tells me that it wasn't cake & ice cream he was enjoying...Am I really old enough to have a 17 year old?? The dog is shedding in a very furious way. Is this a sign that spring is coming? Running the cleaner on a daily basis.
Three weeks into my nursing role and I LOVE IT STILL! Having so much fun:) For instance: I wasn't sure how to collect a urine sample from a catheter, so a care partner showed me. We went in to a gentleman's room around 2 Am to collect our sample. He wakes up and says "well..isn't this something...trying to steal urine from a guys tap system". This just struck us sooo funny...still makes me laugh! HA! I put in an NG tube this week...and I put in a male foley cath all by myself (slick as butta). Also had a real good IV stick. Everything went very smooth with one poke. One more week of 3-3's & 3-11's, then doing a week of days, then on to nights. Home until 2 tomorrow. The plan is to study for the boards...and take a walk.

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Rudee said...

My dog isn't shedding yet. Glad you had some successful experiences this week.