Sunday, March 13, 2011

Change of Seasons

Spring, spring, spring! I think this is what I like most about living in PA - the excitement of the change in seasons. We have had a fun winter, ending it with an overnight ski trip to Sno Mountain, a few weeks ago.

Now, spring is in the air! I placed my first order from the seed catalog, anticipating planting season. I'm thinking of starting some seeds, inside, but that usually doesn't go over very well.

My most dear memory of Spring will always be: As a little girl, remembering the yellow swarm of fuzzy, baby chicks that my Nana & Grandpa always ordered - how exciting to see them for the first time, each season. Even at 42, I can easily still feel the warmth from the heat lights and hear the sound of my Grandpa's voice. I think he was always very excited to get the chicks, too.

What's up at the Abbott home? Finishing up some quick, new dishcloths. Mine were getting so worn, and I love that I can finish one up in just a few hours. A compost bin is being made. * Plans for a pavilion are being drawn up. *I have just started scrapping, again.* Orange peel bird feeders are being made by the dozens* The grill is being fired up, tonight.*

I'm stepping into the waters of community nursing! After 2.5 years of med/surg nursing, I am leaving the floor to travel the country roads and provide home nursing. The chance to initiate teachings and provide individualized care is something that I have been yearning for. The
flexability of the position is another great perk. I'm very excited about this move.

Have a great weekend, friends. Enjoy those first signs of Spring.


babydichiara said...

you make me so homesick

Barbara C. said...

Good luck on home health. I thoroughly enjoyed it--just not the driving in bad weather. It is bad enough to have to get to the hospital when everyone else can stay home!!!

Carolyn said...

Good luck on home health.

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Aaron said...

I don`t like to the change the seasons, especially if you talking about the summer. I want the sum to be up 365 days in the year :(

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Andy and Deb said...

I love the bird feeders...what a great project to make with the kids!!