Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's PROOF that when you turn 40, willing to try anything!

I am SO PROUD of my friend, Karen! Honestly, I couldn't believe it until I actually saw the picture! She rode a horse for the first time in her life! Prior to her event, we exchanged emails throughout the day - I'm sure I didn't help her anxiety level when I gave her this advice, as a prior horse owner: "don't PULL THE REINS BACK TOO could go on hind legs. BUT if horse starts to gallop away, don't panic..PULL HARD ON REINS because better to go up in the air..than to have headlines in tomorrow's Daily Review "Hot blond streak seen headed towards Buffalo"

She threatened that she would wear a bike helmet and snow look at this picture...she's a confident, babe..and looks like a natural on her horse! Guess this means I need to conquer my fears and go down-hill skiing with her this winter! Here's to turning 40 and broadening the spectrum on life! WooHoo, Karen, Way to go!!

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