Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend update

Friday night was bittersweet. The sweet part was that Jay and I participated in "senior recognition" by walking Logan down the 50 yard line. We had a large section of the bleachers filled with family and friends, including my Dad, (his first game due to hip problems). Logan had some great sacks and even recovered a fumble . It was fun watching my Dad's expressions, as he enjoyed the game. The not-so-sweet part was that they lost...the NTL. With two regular games left in the season, they can easily keep going for several more games...we will see what happens next week, as we head to Loyalsock, PA.

Mads & Emily stop for a pose in Watkins Glen. More like sisters, than cousins.

Spent the day with Mom, Amy, Mads & Emily on Saturday. We headed up to the Windmill, then stopped back in Watkins Glen to the yarn shop. I was like a kid in a candy shop..almost overwhelmed with the many selections & colors.

Emily was as excited about the yarn shop as I was - she can sit for hours and use her round knit-wit..and she's patiently waiting for Aunt Karen to teach her to knit with needles. Amy purchased some alpaca handpainted yarn that was made locally, with the intentions that I would make Emily a scarf & hat to match her new pea coat.Saturday night was spent studying, but I couldn't wait to get started on Emmy's scarf, so I studied, knitted, studied, knitted, studied..until late into the night.

After church on Sunday, we joined everyone for a Pastor's appreciation dinner. Jay and Madison spent a lot of time together Sunday afternoon, while I continued to study.

Off today, exam at 5:00.


jill said...
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Kelly said...

Is it pathetic that an almost 33-year-old is in love with a 7-year-old's jacket? Do they make it in big girl sizes?