Sunday, October 12, 2008

A beautiful day for a mule ride!

A Kawasaki Mule, that is! My sister, I and the girls spent most of today "muling" around the farm getting apples, winter pears and bittersweet. I really wanted wild grapes & hickory nuts, but no luck finding them. If we would have ditched the mule, carried some baskets and had calico dresses, we would have set the perfect seen for "Little House on the Prairie - Preparing for the Cold, Hard Winter" I got enough bittersweet to make myself a wreath, but need to get more since Amy threatened to steal the wreath tomorrow, when I leave for work. [My Mom and I saw a plaque that read "A woman without a sister is like a bird without wings]'s the truth. I love my sis!! The views are amazing. It's gorgeous days like this that remind me to appreciate where I live.
We weren't the only ones riding around enjoying the views, my Dad, Logan & Daisy were out with Dad's Ranger. Who could be inside on a day like today?

And did I mention football?? Another exciting game Friday night! Towanda 48, Tunkhannock 17.
No baking this weekend, but I did whip up some waffles with choc. chips, before church this morning. Recipe compliments of an old Grange Cookbook from my Grandma. Madison made cinnimon & spiced pumpkin seeds that turned out great.

I also enjoyed spending Saturday with my Mom. We don't get to spend much time together, anymore. It seemed nice to browse around some shops and have lunch together.
Studying, reading..notta once! I promised myself to read Monday morning from 5-6 am, with coffee in hand.
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Mary Ann said...

These pictures make me so nostalgic and just a little sad. There is no prettier place on our earth than the hill behind the farm in the fall! I so miss the potato patch and times we spent there with family...both digging potatoes with Dad and in later years, our famous breakfasts! The walks I used to take looking for fruit...or just looking. Treasure these days with your sister, Karen.

karen said...

Potato patch, hotdog roast, scavanger hunt, wine via hayride, let's do it, let's do it!!! I can't think of anything better than spending a beautiful fall day with my very special Aunt and the rest of my family!!