Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20 years

Jay and I - twenty years today. I love you!

Let's take five minutes today, close our eyes and imagine
that we are on a relaxing cruise, just the two of us.....then
reality will hit and I'll be at a late night lecture while you
are shuffling Mads to and from dance class.
We can catch up this weekend, starting with a date
on the bleachers Friday night. Love you~


Kelly said...

20 years?! Wow! I can still vividly remember your wedding reception and the mortification only a teenager would have of "playing" the guitar with the band. :) I thought I was hot stuff in my French braid, though.

Happy Anniversary!!

Sister said...

My memories of Karen and Jay's wedding...Jimmy (in his kid from Jerry Mcguire days)dancing in his little tux, the garter hanging from the ceiling, teal dresses with large bows on the butt, and babies breath...lots and lots of babies breath. I can't believe it's been 20 years!

Happy Anniversary!!

Mary Ann said...

20 years have gone by and look what you two have accomplished! A beautiful home, 2 fantastic kids and tremendous support and commitment to each others happiness and success!
Here's to 50 more loving years!!