Thursday, October 16, 2008

TGIF, baby!

Can't believe that I'm saying TGIF already, seems that yesterday was Monday! If I can get through a crazy day of work, (my co-workers are off, so I'm flying solo today), tonight will be such a fun night! Not only the excitement of the game, but a lot of family will be at this game...and I know we will get rowdy! Tonight is senior recognition night, so Jay and I will get to walk with Logan.

Finished these wrist/hand warmers called Toast, which Madison has already claimed.
Knit up with double-pointed needles. A very quick self -gratifying type project. Just in time for a cold night at the football game, (temp supposed to drop to 40's). I found a great site for all kinds of fingerless! I'm thinking that my guys might like something like this, especially when it comes to hunting. I'm hoping to make a quick stop at the Finger Lakes Fiber Store this weekend to finally get some yarn for the shawl that I'm patiently waiting to knit.

A co-worker asked me today, where I find time to knit. I don't have the time, but I make 15-30 minutes, a few times a calms me. If everyone would learn to knit, there would be less of a need for anti-anxiety meds. Read an article that major league sports stars, high profile lawyers & young, stock traders are decreasing their stress, by knitting.
Big exam on Monday - nursing ethics, legal issues & history of nursing. Have a study budget all worked out for the weekend, starting with the wee early hours of Saturday. Also have Monday off, which will be a big help.
Happy Friday!

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