Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woooosh..flying through another week!

Holy smokes - October is almost over!! This freight train is gaining speeeeeeed! Remember my "special invite" from a previous post..well tonight was the night that we met with UHS. I was greatly impressed with their package..oooh boy was I impressed! Not interested in the commute, though. I'm sure that several of my nursing sista's will be heading their way. Got a gift card to the mall for stopping!

I missed dance observation night tonight. Mads was so excited to have her Grandma and Dad go, that I'm sure she didn't miss me too much. I stopped at Joannes Fabric, last night, and purchased aqua, "sparklie" fabric. Mom was nice enough to fire up the sewing machine and "help" me make a surprise dance skirt for Mads at 10:00 pm,(well..actually..she sewed the entire thing and I watched). Mom snapped this picture for me, tonight. Endless Mountains Dance Center is putting on a special Christmas recital this year..can't wait!

The Logster had night practice this evening. He arrived home, hungry as a bear, around 9:30. I finally got his senior pictures arranged for next Wednesday at Reflections. Jody is planning to get some shots outside with the Mustang and up to the football field, then back for some traditionals. Hopefully, there will still be some color left on the trees.

One last weekend before clinicals start back up. Weekend is jammed full of fun stuff! Heading to Loyalsock Friday night for football, Saturday is the much anticipated WINE TRIP! Sunday is the family fall weenie roast up on the hill and I understand that my Dad is really getting into this scavenger hunt thing..let's hope for nice weather!

Stay warm, my friends! Hey...don't forget to vote if you have not done so..I see there was a tie today on a few of the activities!

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