Monday, October 6, 2008

Like a freight train

It seems that this last semester is flying by and graduation is fast approaching like the speed of a freight train! This makes the 6th week of classes - almost half way there. I finished my last clinical rotation in NY state, this past weekend. Have the rest of my weekends free for October! YIPPEE! Will do my very last clinical rotations, starting on Nov. 1, at RPH. This evening at lecture, I was presented with an "official invitation" to attend an informative session of recruiting for UHS. When I saw my pre-printed name on the invite, it hit me - I'm really almost done! The informative session will explain the benefits & perks that are being offered to the newly graduating nurse, as well as great food & free gifts. This hospital will hand me a $25 gift certificate to the mall, just for stopping by! The sign-on bonuses and free gifts sound great, but what is really important to me is: #1. Does the hospital participate in loan forgiveness, (the hospital pays my student loan). #2 Is tuition reimbursement covered for RN to BSN? #3 What is the nurse to patient ratio?
From deciding on gold or silver for my nursing pin, to getting my portrait taken with the big hat, (yes, we are OLD and we still want our picture with the big hat on)'s all coming fast!
Off tomorrow and will be studying for my Micro lab exam...the big one. Surprising Madison and taking her to lunch, during her school lunch period. She's doing so much better - no more stomach aches and her grades are super. Logan is interested in Lycoming College and will complete his SAT's in late November. He's working hard this year, and I'm so proud of him~
Will finish another chapter of "Deadly Companions", a book reading requirement for far, it's interesting enough to get through one chapter a day...of course, I would rather be reading a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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Mary Ann said...

I am soooo excited for you, Karen!! I know this has seemed like an eternal battle but it seems like just a few months ago that you were just talking about your dream of becoming a nurse. I am so proud of you!
Way to go keeping your priorities straight for your future job commitment. Take the free perks and run!