Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to the blog!

I've really neglected my blog..not purposely, time just flew by.

I've been on a busy, high acuity med/surg floor for 6 months, now. My patient average is 6-7. I have learned so much, but still so much more to go. Feeling much more confident and really feel like part of the team. The sunrises and sunsets are very beautiful from the 8th floor. Each day brings a whole new adventure. I may have a day that doesn't go quite as smooth as I would like, but then the next day balances it out. Besides being a wife and mother, nursing is my passion for life.

We have enjoyed the boat much more this summer, than last. Our latest trip was from one end of Cayuga to the other. (Ithaca to Aubur). We enjoyed a great, dock side lunch at the Boat Yard Grill. Hiked and climbed a six foot tree house at Cayuga Nature Center.

Planning a trip to Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake, this weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect:)

We surprised my in-laws with a 50th anniversary dinner party at the Villa Senna, last weekend. It was really nice to have all of Jay's family together. The weather cooperated for a perfect evening. I'm blessed with wonderful in-laws.

Peaches! My peach tree is so loaded with peaches that a large branch broke from the weight. Making peach crisp and pairing that with vanilla ice cream. Promised my girls on 8NW this treat tonight.

Surprisingly, I haven't done much knitting this summer! I do have a few projects on the needles that I need to get back to. Will post some upcoming pictures.

Purchasing a camera this weekend. I've been without one for the past 6 months. Time for a me-treat!

Promises to be back sooner than later:)


Mary Ann said...

Yea!! Karen's back!!
Maybe we'll get to see you this weekend. Still having problems with one boat motor, so it may not make it to the lake, but Sampson is a short drive for a campfire!

babydichiara said...

Karen! I just clicked on your name on my blog and came here! I forgot that you had one too! It really helps to be away from home and get little notes from you guys!

Nishant said...

so it may not make it to the lake, but Sampson is a short drive for a campfire!
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