Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good ole' days of summer

Pardon me, for not getting a few posts in since the beginning of June..I'm still trying to understand how we got to July so quickly:)

Summer is in full swing. I'm very much trying to stick to my three 12 hour shifts per week, at work..giving me more time to enjoy summer.

June led us to Cape May, NJ, for a week of camping and playing in the waves. I just love Cape May. Love the laid-back atmosphere of the town, the big old colonial mansions with beautiful blooming hydrangeas. Especially love how many people ride those old fashioned bikes with wicker baskets tied to the front. What I didn't like....being in a pop-up camper with no air condition. Bessie made her last trip to Cape May this summer, I vow to never take her again. Next time, we will be staying in one of those colonials'. Ever so, everyone enjoyed the beach and the waves, we all enjoyed the Washington Street Mall, too. Of course, what is a beach without heading to a board walk..Wildwood was on 15 minutes away.

A picture that I snapped in a yarn shop at the Washington Street Mall.

We just returned from a boating/camping trip to Sampson Park on Seneca Lake. Bessie got a huge campsite, and we parked her right under a big shade tree. This trip was good for the soul. The nights cooled down and were perfect for sleeping. The mornings were early, with fresh ground coffee enjoyed, while Jay made hearty breakfasts' . We boated from one end of Seneca to the other, stopping many times for everyone to swim. Campfires were awesome, we ate everything from pizza filled mountain pies to s'mores of all kinds. My favorite s'more was a chocolate graham with a strawberry marshmallow and a square of Hershey...yum! Tim tried out the new corn popper and made several batches over the fire. Needless to say, I ate way too much on this vacation. I even started/finished, a very good book by Nicholas Sparks, "The Choice." Highly recommended.

Priorities for this week: pick blackcaps before they are dried up..really in the mood to make some jams with Madison, fill out gobs of paperwork for Logan's first semester at LHU..and of course..go to work.

Make yourself some sun tea and enjoy these hot summer days, friends. I'll be back soon...this time, for sure~

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