Sunday, October 17, 2010

October fun

Again, it's been awhile...although I have thought of my blog often, I have not made it here to update in a long time. I almost thought of ending it, but I do enjoy posting and just need to get back with it! Just a few days ago, I received a note from a friend, stating she really enjoyed a previous recipe that I posted. I'm hoping to add more recipes, knitting projects, upcoming holiday projects, etc. My mind is spinning with many projects that I can't wait to start, including decorating.

October, my most favorite month of the year! From pumpkin spice to pretty fall leaves..I love it all! Jay and I had our second annual "Octoberfest" party, last weekend. The weather was perfect, which made it even nicer. Jay made excellent b-b-q chicken, and we had many roasters of hot foods to accompany the chicken. The hayride was a hit, as well as the wine table. The kids enjoyed decorating cookies and just enjoying the fresh air. Later in the day, we hired karaoke and heard some very good vocals.

This time of the year is when I enjoy my home so much more. I'm content with staying home more often, enjoying the simple things. A freshly cleaned kitchen, lite candles & some Saturday morning it! I really "got my Martha on", over the weekend - started with the day off on Friday, making homemade beer bread & a crock of corn/ham/potato chowder. Very much enjoyed by my family, as well as my sister's family, Friday evening. I also baked up 3 butternut squash and made "butternut spiced muffins"..pleasantly surprised how yummy they were, (I added chocolate chips, too!). Saturday, I made homemade pizzas, complete with the homemade pizza crusts. My kids loved the garlic pizzas, the best. I guess we overdosed on carbs this past weekend, but a lot of love went into the baking & cooking.

I have also picked up the knitting needles a little more often, which is also a sure sign of fall! enjoyed making this "Ribbed Baby Jacket", for a friend's grandson.

Knitted in cashmere/wool combo, loved working with this fiber. My next project is a pullover sweater for a little 1 year old guy, can't wait to get that started!

Have a wonderful, fall week, friends! I will be back soon, and that's a promise:)


Mausie1 said...

thank you for sharing your recipes and weekend. I loved reading all your posts (old ones) when I found your blog... can't wait to see all your decorations and ideas. Hugs from South Texas

Moon Mommy said...

Those muffins look amazing, can't wait to try them. I love fall, too. Especially the onset of cooler weather, really gets my knitting juices flowing!