Monday, July 6, 2015

Living Life

Such a simple title, but packs such a big life.  As a hospice nurse, I have had the honor of meeting hundreds of amazing souls that have forever graced my heart.  I've decided to dust off my old blog and change it up a bit.  

Getting ready to plan a jaunt to the beach in a few weeks, makes me think of a lovely lady in her 50's that lost her battle last summer.  Her goal was to go to the beach.  You see, she had never seen the ocean, smelled the saltwater air, or walked in the sand.  With all of her adult children in tow, along with her supply of medications to keep her comfy and her 800# to the hospice line,  they made the trip to the beach.  She did just what she set out to do - feel the sand squish between her toes, splash in the water and visit the boardwalk ~ I will forever remember that smile as she told me of her special day. 

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