Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow please!

So, my theory being, if it's going to be this cold, lets get a big ole' snowstorm. Here in northeast, PA..we have had just one storm that actually delivered enough snow to make a substantial snowman. I'm thinking we need to move south to enjoy snow? Here are a few pics from the one and only enjoyable snowstorm from a few months back.

Wow, looking's been awhile since I have posted a blog..five months to be exact!

Just a little update..
A year in nursing: One year on 8NW med surg unit as of January 19th, 2009. I still absolutely LOVE being a nurse! The experience that I am gaining on this floor is amazing. The three, 12 -hour shifts work out really nice, also. Except for a heal spur, everything is wonderful.
Knitting: Actually, knitting up a storm in the past few weeks. Will have some pics to come.
Family: Logan is taking another 15 credits this semester, working at the YMCA and pumping gas. Madison continues with dance, recently going to Atlantic City, to take a weekend of dance lessons with crew from The Pulse. She also is having fun with choir and forensics, through the school.
Upcomings: A three night trip to Hope Lake Lodge at Greek Peak with Jay and the kids starting 2/21. We are all anticipating this trip:)
Planning a trip with my friend, Renee, to Spin a Yarn and out to lunch for her b-day this month. Wow..not too much going on in the "upcomings" catagory..and kinda like it that way:)

Cross your fingers that we might have a touch of snow this week, Jay has promised to cross country ski with me:)


Kelly said...

Yea! You're back! :) Love the can have some of this snow down here. Just wait til after we come home this weekend!

MaryAnn said...

On a whim, thought I'd check your blog....again. YEAH! Karens back! Keep 'em comin. I miss your posts!Congrats on your 1 year!!

Anonymous said...