Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbooking, anyone?

Finally getting the craft room back in order. Really looking to get back into scrapping. I have everything I need at my fingertips..just need the motivation to get going! Have not scrapped in two years! Really have a lot of catching up to do! Planning on some girlfriend scrap nights, to get the ball rolling. This room now holds two 6-foot tables, which should be plenty big enough to welcome many.
Started a "Drop Stitch" scarf to pair up with my new charcoal wool pattern and love the design.

The 365 project..a picture a day for 365 days per year. I may not be able to load the pic up, every day, but I shouldn't have a problem snapping the picture. Several of my blogger friends completed the 365 for 2010 and it is amazing. What an accomplishment! I'm challenging myself to see if I can do it! I will be using Flickr as my host.

I was crushed, yesterday, when I went to get my Rebel T1i out of the bag....the glass protection screen was cracked! Until I realized how easy this was to replace, I was devastated. Looks like it might cost $15, and the glass just pops off, only held on with double stick tape. Thank goodness the LCD screen was not damaged.

Mads and I spent Sunday evening baking & cooking. We made a recipe from the Pillsbury website, "Chicken Alfredo Biscuit Casserole." Very good! Definitely a family-style meal that everyone should love. Although it doesn't contain pasta, the biscuit topping make up for the carbs..not the most diet friendly dish, thus far!


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Aaron said...

I already want to grab a piece of this delicious meal. Great job.

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