Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lucy's finally done:)

With a winter blizzard that hit yesterday morning, it seemed the perfect opportunity to "cozy in" and finish my mother's Lucy bag. Using almost two skeins of Nature Spun wool in "pepper", I really like how she turned out. I have made several of these bags, and no two are the same. I love how the Lucy bag fits so nice on the arm. My project for today is going to be a "wristlet" version of a Lucy...probably using 1/2 skein of wool.

The girls and I spent some time at "Brewed Awakenings" coffee shop yesterday. Madison's friend, Katie brought her knitting along and I taught her to bind off. The owner of the shop came over to our table and said, "this is great, more kids need to be doing stuff like this, rather than always texting or playing videos." I told her that she had the perfect little shop to have a "knitting night" and she thought that was a great idea! Notice in the picture that MY daughter takes no interest in knitting..she knows how, but at the moment is not interested:(. Katie, on the other hand, spent another night with us and started another scarf!

Everything is white and the snow is still lightly coming down. I have a feeling that today's agenda will include sled riding