Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A mid-week update

Well, three days into the new position and I'm loving it so far! Of course, I have only hit orientation (classroom), and will continue this for the remainder of the week and next Monday. Will finally "hit the floor" next Tuesday. I went up to visit the 8th floor, med/surg, where I will be working......let's just say that I will definetly be getting my exercise! So far, I have met an array of very enthusiastic nurses, confirming that the pathways in nursing are endless. I hope to be taking my boards by mid-March, and then will decide on which college to continue the education trek.

Enjoying spending time with Madison..back to being "dance mom", as I shuffle her to her back-to-back Wed. night lessons and children's choir.

Knitting another pair of those things!

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