Sunday, January 4, 2009

My first "real" stethoscope

Thanks to my Mom, I will be receiving a Littman Classic II SE Stethoscope, seal blue in color, with my name engraved. The stethoscope from nursing school was falling apart. Since performing assessments will be my major duty as a nurse, a good stethoscope is a must.
This week will be my last week at the counseling center. I'm going to need a lot of tissues, come Thursday. I've made some wonderful friends. Haven't even started to clean out my office.
Productive weekend for Jay and Mads - they put a 24 x 22 ceiling in our family room. Madison put many of the tiles in, as Jay handed them to her..little trooper! We are all very excited to get our downstairs completed, as we really need the added space.

This will be our first week to "practice" getting super organized for school mornings. I helped Madison pick out five outfits and put them on hangers, papers have been signed, bookbags, coats & gloves are ready to go. I've steamed five shirts for to get him up 1/2 hour early, since he insists on showering in the a.m.
Mom's Lucy Bag...she's coming along and should be off the needles & felted by mid-week. Purchased a beautiful broach for the front. Can't wait to get it to her (a late Christmas present that she knows about)

We finished out the weekend by going to see a matinee of Disney's Bedtime Stories...Karen was very, very glad when the movie was over!

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Rudee said...

I had my Littman Cardiology II for 15 years, and then someone helped themselves to it. It was very sad. Hopefully, engraving yours will help keep it in your own hands and not someone else's.