Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So glad to finally get home this evening. Who was I to think that I might actually finish out this semester without having to drive in nasty weather! After class, I ran something over to Target to exchange for my sister, then right back on the road to get home. Route 17 turned treacherous, but the stretch of road between Nichols and Rome almost put me in the field..not because I was going too fast - only able to go about 10 mph, but I couldn't FIND THE ROAD! Of course, not a state plow truck to be seen. Someone was in a ditch, but I couldn't get stopped to see if they needed help, nor would I have been able to find a place to pull off. The driver was on a cell, so I assumed he was calling for help. Once I got through Rome, the roads were dry..weird.

I walked in the door to find this beautiful snowflake hanging in the kitchen. Miss Mads whipped it up while I was gone! I had brought one home from work that someone had made and I wanted to figure out how it was created, but Madison beat me to it. She promises to teach me, tomorrow night!

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