Wednesday, November 12, 2008


That's how I am feeling this late Wednesday evening:) Sailed through my med pass test with no problems and I stayed calm through the entire pass... I almost forgot to flush my saline lock before hooking up my line, but caught myself. Prior to going in to the med pass, I found out that I got my highest grade ever, on Monday night's exam! I'm elated!

This has been a tough week, with one more late night, tomorrow. Feel like I haven't seen my family much this week. Friday night is going to be movie night & making homemade ice cream. Madison is itching to use her new ice cream maker. I just want to relax with my family.

I'm blessed with so many supportive, loving people in my life..truly blessed. My Mom made my family a beautiful dinner this evening and even sent a plate home for me. One of my classmates insisted on waiting for me to finish my med pass this evening. When I came out of the lab, there she was sitting in the hall, crocheting up a storm..waiting to hear my results. When I turned on my phone, I had an encouraging message from my friend & co-worker, Kay. Instead of playing my music loud and singing like a crazy woman this evening, I found myself driving down 17 at 9:30, in silence..feeling humbled by the support & kindness of so many people.

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