Monday, November 10, 2008

A little knitting before the test tonight

Nursing exam #3 this evening. For the past few tests, I was reviewing right up to five minutes before the exam..not this one. Karen could be seen knitting up a storm in the back corner. Didn't put the yarn away until the bubble sheet him my desk. Got a few more inches added on Madison's scarf. This technique really chilled me out. Date with the Simms man Wed. night for my med demo...wonder if Mr. Simms would care if I brought my string & sticks along?
Home by 7:30. Just in time to help Mads whip up chocolate chip cookies.
Earlier this month, I finally took some time and taught my niece, Emily, to knit-she's been patiently waiting. I created a little knitting monster..she was exhausted that evening, but didn't want to put her knitting cute! She had about 6 inches of scarf done before she went to bed that evening.
And here is a picture of Jay's fingerless gloves. The next pair need to be a little bigger.

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