Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VW Jetta..I think I want one

I've been buzzin up & down Rt 17 with this VW Jetta rental and it seems that the gas gage is hardly moving..I like this! Unlike the SUV that sucks up about $25 per trip. Since Logan wasn't old enough to have the rental, Mom gets the rental and Logan is driving my trailblazer. In & out of Mircro lab within 45 minutes tonight..not too shabby. Home by 8:00 pm..nice. Jay is currently taking on the task of cleaning out the fridge..I like that man.

Forgot to mention the results of last Friday's FB game..what a fun game that was! Towanda 35, Wyalusing 6. Here is Logan, after the game...I buy stock in Shout stain remover.

Goal is two chapters/day of readings for Nursing Today, Transitions & Trends. One chapter at 5:00 AM and one each evening..better get moving. I got my 5 am reading in this morning, now for this evenings..

Knitting update: working on the second of the wool fingerless gloves for Jay. Wanted to have had them done for our lunch date yesterday, but no chance..especially with all this reading.

My girlfriend sent me a picture of the "Lucy Evening Bag" that I made her for her 40th..she put it to good use on her recent trip to Mexico and I love that it is sittin' pretty between two glasses of Cabernet.


Mary Ann said...

I got so excited... at first glance I thought you had made a double wine glass tote!
I think I have a problem....

mtracy said...

glad i found your blog! tell logan congrats on the big win over wyalusing!

had to go with pumpkin pie on your poll...i certainly know kelly won't vote for it!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, that's funny...I thought the same thing as my mother. Was VERY impressed. :)

Mike knows I'm not a fan of the orange pie....but I'm all over the stuffing!

Have a great weekend!