Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'll miss those games...

Last evening ended the football season with Towanda having 28 and Montoursville having a lot more at this district playoff game.. We had heard that the opponents were huge - that wasn't a rumor. Logan is 6 foot & 200 pounds and many were bigger than him. A lot of tear-filled eyes and hanging heads as they made their way from the locker room..Those boys definetly wanted to keep playing. What saddened me was the fact that we have been watching several of those boys, including our own, play organized football since they were in 3rd grade..where did the time go? Logan has his mind set that he wants to play college ball. Who knows, he may have a chance at it. He's scheduled to take his SAT's in early December, then he can start applying to the colleges that he is looking at. In the next few weeks, we will be getting copies of all the taped games and get them edited and ready to send out. One thing is sure, he will have to become very familiar with two words..self discipline.

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