Saturday, November 1, 2008

It has to be fate..

January, 2006, I sat by my Aunt as she fought her last week of ruthless cancer. I remember rubbing her hand and she said to me, "you are going to make a good nurse". I have never forgotten that moment. One week after my Aunt died, I started my first semester at BCC. More than once, I cried, recalling my Aunt's death experience to my classmates and Professor Jen. Several of my classmates cried with me. Just a few semester's ago, our lecture content covered death & dying, again, I broke down in my class when I told Instructor Barbara of my Aunt's final moments.
Today, I found out that I will spend my last clinical rotation of the BCC program on 5 main. The oncology/med surge unit where my Aunt was cared for. This has to be fate. From day one I have known that I wanted to be an oncology nurse, that hasn't changed - even with all the different clincal experiences that I have had. I wasn't even supposed to be in this last rotation at this hospital, I was supposed to be at Binghamton General. I asked to be switched, and was allowed. Until I arrived today, I thought I was just doing a straight med/surge rotation..I had no idea that I would get the opportunity to work in Oncology. We took a tour through the unit and I vividly remembered the last time that I had been there. I tried to tell my husband and parents of my experience, today..but found it hard to get the words out. The first person that I knew I wanted to tell of today's experience was my Aunt Maryann, but knowing that I would get's easier to share my story here. It's fate. Life is amazing.

We are not having clinical on Sunday, so we had no patient contact today, just reviewing films, procedures, etc per hospital requirements. I look forward, when we return in two weeks, to giving the best care that I can give to my patient.

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Mary Ann said...

I am writing this through my tears, Karen. I can hardly see the keyboard.
I love you.
I understand... and I, too, Believe....
Sandy was so right!!!