Thursday, September 11, 2008

A big WOOHOO and a small glass of wine

A woohoo! because the next three days are free, (except that I have to go to work tomorrow). After six days straight of driving to Binghamton for clinicals and late night classes, I was so happy to pull in the driveway tonight. A total of 15.5 hours of driving time and that doesn't include my 40 minute commute to work each day. That much driving time gives me a lot of time to think...think about the fact that my drivers license expired on June 27 and it is now September (a big woopsie)...also remembered that Madison has announced to us a few times in the last couple weeks that she would be putting her tooth that fell out, under her pillow for the "tooth fairy" (another woops on my part)...she must have given up on us, since she hasn't mentioned it in a few days. This could be detrimental if she were four, but she is 11 and doesn't believe in the tooth fairy - she's out for the profit. Thought about the fact that I need to get Logan's senior pictures scheduled. Let's see, what else...Madison needs to be measured for new tap, jazz and ballet shoes....Jay and I need to remember to be ushers at church this Sunday....Oh shoot, I forgot to send out the graduation card and a sympathy card that I purchased the other day! I also, just realized that my CPR certification runs out on October 7th and I need to find a recertification, quickly. Yes, these are the things that are going through my head on my long trips to and from the college.

Fly Lady would stroke out if she showed up at my house tonight.

I am happy to say that the weekend consists of spending quality time with my family. Madison and I plan to shop, bake & craft. Logan's idea of spending quality time with Mom consists of 10 minutes.

Now, I'm off to tuck a dollar bill under Madison's pillow~better late than never.

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