Monday, September 8, 2008

Push that calcium!

Wanted to share some interesting facts that came up in lecture over the past two weeks. UNTIL the age of 35, the body continues with the process of bone resporption and formation - meaning we steadily produce new bone as bone is broken down. The key word being UNTIL 35. At age 35, the body increases the resorption (breakdown) and bone mass starts to decrease. As we get older, the parathyroid hormone increases, which demineralizes the bone and breaks it down. We can't stop the bone loss, but we can slow the process.
The recommened dose of calcium for women/men is 1000 -1200 mg per day. On any of your labels, the calcium will be shown in % and it is always based on 1000 mg. An example would be a label on a yogurt container might state the calcium is 20% which means that there are 200 mg of calcium in that serving. Here is a site that will give you some ideas for getting your calcium. Let's keep that bone mass up and not become frail & brittle!
OK, I'm off my soapbox.

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