Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crocodile tears and the hell with the quiz tonight

The day started by finding out, while driving the kids to school, that Madison had her first big social studies test today...the one that I thought was on Friday. We tried to do some crash studying, while driving through town. I felt so terrible about this. I always try to make sure she is prepared for a test and I blew it. With the full moon last evening, we got pounded with calls at the office today..nonstop..pull your hair out kinda calls - did you see the moon last evening..HUGE. I was supposed to pick Logan up at the school on my way home from work and got all the way through Wysox before remembering him...
Pulled in the drive with about 20 minutes to spare before needing to get to class. Madison looked like a sad puppy. She got a D on her social studies test and she preceded to tell me that she has a big science test, tomorrow. I went to the master bathroom and had myself a really big, bawl baby cry! After composing myself, I made the decision to skip microbiology (and lose out on a 10 point quiz). I'm confident that I can do without the damn 10 points. I took Madison to her open house at the school, met her teacher, visited the book fair and stopped and bought her a frosty before coming home to study science with her. Jay would have been helping, but he's been trying to fix Logan's car that still sits at the high school parking lot.
Grade was posted this afternoon on last night's nursing exam - passed without a problem, but not as high as I thought I would get.
I'm cashing in my free clinical miss on Saturday to attend the football game in Canton. I've decided to do it. Supposed to be one of the best games. Logan plays the entire game, defense end & offense line and it's his senior year.
I will be on the maternity floor on Sunday. I've always saved this day for an emergency, but I'm using it on Saturday. If, for some reason, I needed another clinical day off, I can take it, but I would have to make it up at the end.
All is quiet tonight. The glass of Vulpes Red wine was a perfect ending to a stressful day. I'm sure tomorrow will be a much better day:)

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Kelly said...

Hang in there, Karen. In the grand scheme of things, these four months will be tiny and all the tears and stress will be worth it!