Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Late night at the lab with my nursing sistas..and Mr. Simms

Twice a month, on Wed. night we have a lab after lecture. This is where we brainstorm case studies, practice our skills and by this late at night...sometimes get a little silly. Mr. Simms man and his buddies are high priced mechanical patients that, via a computer program, can do just about everything except get out of bed and dance to Saturday night fever. Tonight was no exception...Our patient was having complications following a surgical pin placement to the hip. Blood pressure started to fall, Mr. Simms stated he was having trouble breathing - x-rays ordered stat. Mr. Simms stood proud why Sash catheterized him, (we love you, Sasha i.e: queen of the cath). By using critical thinking, we were able to understand what exactly was going on with our patient and improve his health. Mr. Simms and his buddies really put up with a lot from us.

Snapped this picture, tonight, of our original group that started the program together. We started with 32 and now will graduate with 15. Over these past six semesters, we have stressed out together, laughed, cried, stressed some more and held each other up, at times. This program is tough for a reason - it ranks third in the state of New York for highest success rate for the board licensure exam. I am so proud of all my sistas! Each one of them will make an excellent registered nurse. As much as I dislike the long drive to the college & being away from my family, I will definitely miss these ladies after graduation.

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