Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love Tuesdays

For this last semester, I decided to schedule every Tuesday off from work as a vacation day. With classes Monday through Thursday evenings and clinical weekends twice a month, having one day off from work will keep me focused. Once the kids leave for school, I spend a little time picking up the house, then give myself a few hours of "me" time, before hitting the books to catch up on all the reading assignments. I usually pick a few hot spots in the house to organize, without spending a lot of time. Today will be the linen closet only! I came across this great website a few years ago that has really offered some great tips on decluttering and organizing. Fly Lady's site is where I learned about the "hot spots" in our house, (the biggest being the kitchen island).
As I look out to the kitchen, I see that Logan forgot his football cleats - that will work nice for practice..
I'll be picking Mads up from school today since we both have hair apts. at 2:00. This will also give us a little study time for her spelling/vocab test on Friday. A quick dinner together before I head back to Binghamton for a 6:00 lab.

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Kelly said...

I was part of that Fly Lady thing once. Very good ideas (a shiny sink IS pretty satisfying), but I got too many damn emails from her!!! :)