Monday, September 22, 2008

Our spot on the wall

I remember my first trip down the lecture hall of the nursing building - I couldn't help but stop and look...large picture frames of graduating nurses from BCC. Dating back in the early 70's, the walls are decorated with individual portraits of nurses, neatly framed within their graduating class. We still stop and look -it's energetic to view the display and to appreciate the challenges that they were faced, in order to get their spot on the wall. During lecture break tonight, I walked out in the hall to find a few of my sisters looking at some of the newer pictures that were added last spring. I pointed out to them that, "this is where our spot will be!" A perfect sized location on the lower half of the wall, directly under last December's graduating class - waiting patiently for us, as the weeks roll on...
I tend to play my music quite loud during my commute home at night, mostly to keep alert. Tonight, Kid Rock and I were singing "All Summer Long," in a healthy voice and I didn't hear my cell phone go off. Later learned that it was Logan, needing a ride home from the JV game. Forgot how much I love Elton John's music...nothing like singing "Bennie and the Jetts" & "Crocodile Rock" on a late night commute, half delusional from lack of sleep but still alert enough to keep a watchful eye on the corn fields, hoping that the deer stay on their side.

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