Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here we go!

Hey friends & family! I thought it would be fun to try and keep a blog of my last semester in nursing school...or at least a blog of a crazy woman. Kelly's blog has inspired me to try to keep one rolling for the next four months. While being in class four nights a week and clinicals every other weekend, my means of communication has been pretty limited to the computer and cell ph0ne.

So it's two weeks into the semester and 13 left to go. I spent most of my time traveling up and down Rt. 17 to Binghamton. I really think I deserve to get hooked up with satelite radio.

Clinicals are every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Today being the first clinical of the new semester. OB/Labor & Delivery. I've had all the rotaions, so this semester was "my pick". I'll do three weekends working OB, then finish up with three weekends of med/surge. I've been doing clinicals since the first semester, three years ago....and the night before the first clinical is always the same - can't find my ugly, white, nursing shoes. Jay found them for me at 11:10 pm last night - Love that man! The day that I graduate, I am treating myself to a pair of trendy, cute nursing there such a thing as trendy nursing shoes? I'm so tired of wearing a bright yellow scrub top (BCC requirement) and white pants. When we were following our clinical leader around today, it hit me...we look like ducks. My style of scrubs will be loud prints for Karen.

Our Friday night started with a football game at Sayre. I never thought that football could be so exciting, but I love it! I actually get quite rowdy. Logan kicked some butt on both offense & defense last night. Ending score 44-13, Towanda. Hit the Chinese Restaurant for take-outs at 10:30 pm.

Madison and Jay rented a few movies tonight and it's pizza for dinner. The most that I got accomplished at home was laundry and vacuuming. Settling in to watch a good movie with my fam and then off to bed by 10:00 - early morning wake-up of 4:45 am.

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Kelly said...

Yea, Karen!!! Welcome to the blogosphere. :) We are all so, so proud of you and the hard work you've put into your schooling. I'm looking forward to keeping up with you as you wrap up this part of your journey!!!