Sunday, September 7, 2008

One down, five left

Out the door at 5:30 this morning and after a quick coffee stop, I was headed up 17. Hit the OB floor by 7:00 am. Forgot my watch. Have to admit to the most boring clinical day ever. Spent the day in OB and not one baby born today. On my last rotation to OB, I was lucky enough to help with a natural delivery and also scrubbed for a cesarean section..all in one day. Even though the day was quite uneventful, I did get the opportunity to visit the nick unit (basically an ICU for infants). Very tiny babies with many lines & monitors. I felt quite intimidated by this setting and took a moment to thank God for my healthy kids.
Home by 4:00 to an empty house - Madison was visiting with my Mom, Logan was fishing and Jay was go-cart racing with his Dad. Jay had the kitchen nicely cleaned but he did something he is strictly forbidden to do...a load of laundry. I found one dark blue towel, some whites and a beach towel all washed together in a nice fluffy mess...
Madison and I later went to get a few groceries and I made my Aunt Maryann's yummy squash casserole for dinner. I insisted that the four of us eat together on the deck - we don't get too many nights to have dinner together.
At 9:55 , all is quiet in the Abbott home, the wine glass is empty and I'm ready to call it a day.

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