Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mountain Dew x 2...not a good choice

Home today, recovering from a viscous headache & stomach ache that started on my late commute home, last night. The culprit, I believe, was the Mountain Dew..not one, but two. My bright idea that it might give me the energy that was needed for another late night class. Hardly every drink soda, yet alone a Mt. Dew. Left the college at 9:15 pm & home by 10:30 with a screaming headache.
November 12th..this is the day that I will be anticipating, nervously. I've got a date with Mr. Simms man. Yes, we heard rumors that we didn't need to complete another medication simulation, since we did one last not true. Under a watchful eye of an instructor, I will be given 1/2 hour to assess Mr. Simm, check all the meds, hook up the lines & set pumps, figure med calculations & conversions, mix insulin's, draw syringes, administer breathing tx, name & show all the sites for injections, perform a SQ & IM injection and answer any questions that are fired at me...did I tell you this had to be done in 1/2 hour? Needless to say, I will be spending a lot of time in the lab, brushing up my skills.
Anticipating the weekend..even if it rains. I will have to budget 4 hours for my paperwork from last week's rotation, but other than that, I'm pretty much free to watch football, enjoy my niece's bd party, have a date with Mads to the OYW program & attend church on Sunday. I may try to track down my friend, Renee, who is patiently waiting for me to teach her how to finish the Lucy Bag. She's got the bag done, but needs help with the straps.
First Microbiology exam tonight - all multiple choice.

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